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Automatically Renew All Of Your Ads On Craigslist!

For me, there’s no other website that can give me the targeted leads, traffic, or profit that Craigslist can. Without a doubt, using Craigslist can help you get leads and make money.

A couple years ago, Craigslist introduced a way to “renew” ads instead of deleting and reposting an ad. If you regularly use Craigslist, you know that in order to renew your ads, you have to login to your Craigslist account and then click on each “renew” link in order to renew your ads. That can become quite tedious and time consuming, especially if you have dozens or even hundreds of ads to renew, like I do. I got tired of repeatedly having to login to Craigslist just to click a few links to renew my ads. Even though it’s only a few seconds out of my day, I know those seconds add up over time.

You know how important it is to renew your Craigslist ads for marketing purposes. When you renew an ad, your ad is bumped to the top of the category you posted in. If your ad is in a category that only gets a few postings per day, then you can really dominate any category with your ads!

With as much time as I was spending clicking renew links over and over, I knew I could be doing a lot of other things with my time. The only way to do it was to automate the process. So, I created Auto Ad Renew…a unique and powerful software that will automatically renew all of your ads on Craigslist.

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Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Need Auto Ad Renew!

  • Runs 24 Hours A Day; 365 Days A Year! As Long As It’s Running, It’s Renewing!
    Auto Ad Renew works for you all day and all night, renewing your ads on a schedule you set!
  • Mimics Human Actions As If You Were Right There Doing It!
    Auto Ad Renew logs in and automatically clicks the renewal links for every ad. You can watch it as it works!
  • Use It With All Of Your Craigslist Accounts! Open It Up 2, 3, 4 Times!
    Auto Ad Renew can be opened up multiple times on a single PC to log in to multiple accounts!
  • Runs on multiple PCs!
    Your license allows you to run it on any of your own PCs.
  • After All Your Ads Are Renewed, It Goes To Sleep And Then Rechecks Again!
    Auto Ad Renew is smart enough to understand not to repeatedly login, increasing the chance of being detected!
  • Set Your Own Delay Between Renewing Ads!
    Auto Ad Renew gives you the power to set the time between renewing ads! 5 minutes or 5 hours…it’s up to you!
  • Built-In Browser Runs Independently In The Background!
    Auto Ad Renew runs completely on its own using it’s own, built-in browser. It won’t interfere with other software!
  • Lifetime Updates!
    If something changes, a fix will be made ASAP and ready for you to update!

This is EXACTLY what Auto Ad Renew will do for you, too! Stop wasting time renewing your ads manually!


 Craigslist Ad Renew Software

So, what will Auto Ad Renew do for you?

Atutomatically Renew All of Your Ads on Craigslist

As you can see, Auto Ad Renew accomplishes a very simple task in a very powerful way!
If you are tired of wasting your time constantly having to renew your ads,
Auto Ad Renew is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

User Testimonials

I am a real estate agent and I spend a lot of time posting and renewing ads on Craigslist. I received a review copy of Auto Ad Renew and I have to say that this software is great. I just hope that my competitors do not get their hands on a copy! All I have to do is post all of my ads once and then when Auto Ad Renew is on, it goes through and reposts my ads automatically. You can even set it to repost only every 5 minutes. This way my ads are getting dripped onto Craigslist throughout the day.

This software is easy to use (when I say easy, I mean extremely simple and intuitive) and at the price that it is being offered at it is truly a no-brainer!

Ciara K.


That was my first question when I was offered Auto Ad Renew to beta test. After using it for just 24 hours, I knew it was something I would have paid $100 for…seriously!

Beverly H.

I post on Craigslist regularly for lead gen for myself and my clients. Currently, I have 152 ads in my account. Are they all active all the time? No. Because the time it takes to go in and renew those ads to keep them at the top of the page is next to impossible to keep up on without spending money week after week on outsourcing (until now). Auto Ad Renew for Craigslist posts is DOPE! It is truly a set it and forget it post renewing machine. If you want an your ads popping to the top of the page every hour, every day, every week, this is a MUST have tool!

Warrior Forum

Just purchased and started running.. first ad renewed. Very cool. Very simple.

Warrior Forum

This is going to save you tons of time! This tool is so powerful since we are taking into consideration the power of CL. This is priced very low so take advantage of it.

RedDevil007 from Warrior Forum

I think Auto Ad Renew is priceless.

Warrior Forum

Overall, I’m very pleased with the software.

Now I’m gonna go eat dinner with my kids while this thing works for me.

Warrior Forum

All I have to say is THANK YOU! Works perfect, clean, you could not get any easier.

Warrior Forum

Bought the software. Nice to have software with no bugs.

Since my time is valuable I can start creating more ads again without the hassle of renewing.

Warrior Forum

Since I’ve been using Auto Ad Renew, it has SAVED ME COUNTLESS HOURS! Time is money, right?

100% Moneyback Guarantee

If Auto Ad Renew is not absolutely everything I claim it to be…send me an immediate email within 30 days of purchase and I will give you a prompt, no-hassle, no-questions asked, 100% refund.

Here’s how it works: Order Auto Renew Ads and if you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days just send me an email and I’ll refund your purchase price.

No questions asked. No hassles. No problems.

You Could Be Renewing Your Ads In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Don’t Waste Another Minute!

You’ll receive all updates for FREE and my 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This is a ONE-TIME FEE! There are NO MONTHLY FEES!

Buy Auto Ad Renew


Auto Ad Renew runs on all Windows based systems and
successfully tested on MAC running Parallels Windows Emulator.
Auto Ad Renew required the latest version of .NET in order to run correctly.


If you post ads on Craigslist, then you need Auto Ad Renew!

Auto Ad Renew is the most affordable and reliable Craigslist Renew Software online!


Auto Ad Renew has been tested and tested and I’m confident
it will work for you, too!


Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are for you. If it turns out that you don’t like Auto Ad Renew, simply contact me via my Support Form and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

By the way, all updates are FREE! If something changes that prevents Auto Ad Renew from renewing ads, I’ll fix it ASAP! Updated versions are posted on the Support page, so if Auto Ad Renew ever stops renewing, check the Support page for updates.

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