Latest Version: 1.4 – Download the latest update by logging in to your account or use the link in the email you received when you purchased.



Before asking for support, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Software Tips

  • When you first run the software, it may ask to install some updates. Let it! It’s just installing .NET, which is free and developed by Microsoft.
  • If your anti-virus software thinks the software is or contains a virus, it’s wrong.
    • Auto Ad Renew uses a built-in browser that mimics human actions, which is giving your virus software a false positive..
  • You can run Auto Ad Renew on multiple PCs.

Things I won’t/can’t do.

  • Call you for phone support
  • Send you a free/demo/test copy

As mentioned on the homepage, refund requests due to Auto Ad Renew not working on a MAC will be denied.
I specifically state Auto Ad Renew will NOT work on a MAC.

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